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Peak to Peak Horsemanship

Emily Menegatti

Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador

 Don't let anyone's opinion kill your belief in yourself

About Me

Growing up in a small southern town in Colorado, Emily was involved with horses right from the start. She explored trails on horseback, participated in 4-H and FFA and spent a couple of summers as a wrangler at a dude ranch. 

She briefly got out of horses when she went to college and then started a family with her husband. When the time was right, Emily welcomed horses back into her life, but the return to her childhood passion didn’t go as smoothly as she’d anticipated. 

Frustrated, Emily decided to look into Clinton’s Downunder Horsemanship. “I found a couple of his videos on YouTube and liked how he explained what he was doing. Even better, I could take his instructions and put them into practice with my horses,” Emily says. “When I began training my horses with the Method, I saw results immediately. I loved the way each lesson was laid out in a step-by-step manner.”

After attending a Walkabout Tour in Arizona and participating in a 10-day clinic at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch, Emily made plans to enroll in the Academy. “I wanted to immerse myself in the Method and refine my skill set. I wanted to prove that I have the skills required to receive Clinton’s certification and to be part of his team,” Emily says. 

As a Method Ambassador, Emily enjoys training horses and teaching horsemanship lessons and clinics. “In my experience, the Method is the best laid out horse training program available. It’s goal oriented and easy to understand,” she says. “It changed my life with horses, and I love sharing it and empowering other people to reach their horsemanship goals.”

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